In the vein of the Old 97s and The Jayhawks, Jones has crafted music that’s stuck solidly between country and rock. You can hear the first track on the album, “Black To Blue,” above. It’s twangy, catchy, and lyrically wry.”

Jerad Walker, OPBMusic

James Eliot Jones

At the end of last summer James Eliot Jones and his girlfriend  gave up they’re  house in portland Or and moved into an airstream in the Mojave Desert outside of Twentynine Palms, Ca.  In the last 2 years between european tours as guitar player in Battleme. writing and recording a record with both Battleme and his Portland based band The Needs. Producing the Savage Family Band debut and countless shows up and down the west coast. They’d managed to shed most of their possessions and get all the way unplugged-off grid. out in the sand. James brought along a bare bones recording rig and capture the gritty vibe of the desert. tracking 4 new songs live in an 8x8 shed, you can hear the wind blowing through the rafters if you listen closely… 

The Shed Sessions Vol. 1.  out June 7.


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